About MPS

In October 2017, Presentation High School (PHS) 1991 alum Kathryn Leehane wrote an article, When the Legal System Fails Sexual Assault Victims, We Have to Find Our Own Closure, for The Washington Post. Kathryn intended to highlight the broken legal system and sought to reassure other sexual abuse survivors there are many ways to heal.

Although no specifics were disclosed in the narrative, many people recognized the teacher and the school, and dozens of victims and witnesses of sexual abuse at PHS came forward. One of those was PHS 1991 alum Cheryl Hodgin Marshall who witnessed then Vice Principal Mary Miller intimidate a different victim into withdrawing her sexual assault complaint.

Kathryn and Cheryl joined forces to advocate for the dozens of survivors of childhood sexual abuse from PHS. They are fighting for strict adherence to mandated reporting laws, permanent changes in leadership and policy to protect all PHS students, and accountability and justice for the survivors.

Timeline of Events

October 2017:

November 2017:

December 2017:

January 2018:

February 2018:

March 2018:

April 2018:

May 2018:

July 2018:

  • PHS Principal Mary Miller is promoted to President.

August 2018:

September 2018:

November 2018:

  • Nov 1: Kathryn Leehane and Cheryl Hodgin Marshall meet with Board Chair Sister Pam Chiesa, Vice Principal Andria Bengston, and Director Chérie Somavia to give them information, recommendations, and resources to further make PHS safe and to help move forward. PHS does not act on any of the information.

December 2018:

January 2019:


Presentation High School has yet to take responsibility, initiate an independent investigation, hold the enablers of sexual abuse accountable, or have a compassionate response to the survivors.